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Profile Reminder

The module "Profile Reminder" needs to be activated by an Umbrella-Supporter.


Automatical Email Alerts for expired documents like credit cards, passports, visas or rail cards. One month before the expiration of the document (Passport 6 months) an automatic email will be sent to the traveller, travel arranger, company or agency administrator. This email recalls that a document will expire.

The Profile Reminder will also remember the travellers to adjust their profile in case that it has not been updated during the last 6 months. This will only happen, if the traveller received credentials. In case the traveller never received credentials no Profile Reminder is sent.


  • Following logic is designed for profile reminders.

Reminder emails will be sent with the logic below.

Profil Reminder

  • If the Company and/or Agency Administrators have activated the Profile Reminders a summary of all expired profiles is sent.
  • One reminder is sent during 6 months. If additional documents expire during this period no reminder is sent.
  • The Agency Administrator will be informed in case of an expired company credit card.

Important: The information if a profile (traveller, arranger, company admin) has received credentials is stored since 11.12.2015. All profiles which have received credentials before this date are marked as a profile without credentials. In this case the reminder is sent to the Agency Admin.

Profil Reminder Emails

Example of Profile Reminder "Expired Document"

Profile Reminder expiry

Example of Profile Reminder "not updated last 6 months"

Profile Reminder not uptadted

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