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Umbrella Faces - Travel Profile Management

A global leader travel profile hosting and synchronization system that ensures efficiency, data security and accuracy


Our software maintains a large number of real-time interfaces from and to systems such as OBT & SBTs, GDS, HR tools, CRM systems, as well as hotel and rail platforms. Umbrella Faces is strictly adherent to the EU data protection regulations (GDPR), and as thus securely synchronizes and updates travel profiles data in over 20 booking systems. This guarantees up-to-date and consistent profile data across all platforms, and smooth booking processes at all times from anywhere.

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Umbrella Faces for TMCs

Stay a step ahead with Umbrella Faces as your central travel profile management software. Synchronize traveller data securely to over 20 reservation systems in real-time with the click of a single button. Ensure data consistency across all portals, eliminate complex processes and increase productivity with Umbrella Faces. Grant travellers and company administrators access to Umbrella Faces and give them control over their profiles if desired.

Umbrella Faces for Corporations

In addition to the advantages that TMCs profit from, enjoy supplier independence and data ownership by using Umbrella Faces. Control and manage the recipients of your travel profiles, mitigate supplier risks in cases of mergers and splits, and ensure swift yet effective data transfer to and from different TMCs within your corporation. Automate data feeds from your HR/ IDM systems, rebrand Umbrella Faces as an "in-house" system, and customize the look and feel. Connect your APIs to the software and profit from smooth travel profile storage and travel booking processes.

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Umbrella Faces

Single Point of Truth for your Customer Profile Data.

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