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It goes without saying that a first-class travel management system as well as a first-class order handling software also comes with first-class support. The Umbrella first-aid crew always has a ready ear for your concerns. Our experts answer small everyday queries with just as much passion as big-picture strategic questions about data security, GDPR compliance and other functional topics.

„The Umbrella support team values direct customer service and addresses your individual needs. We deliberately focus on top-notch service – a textbook example of Swiss quality. We make sure that you always have control over your profile management software and order handling system – we promise!”

UMBRELLA Team Sandra Herrmann
Sandra Herrmann
Customer Service Support

Umbrella Faces Support

Phone: +41 44 933 53 95
Mo-Fr: 09:30h - 12:00h & 14:00h - 17:00h


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